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24 October 2012

Statement made by Tim Johnson, Chief Executive Officer Dot Kiwi Ltd

InternetNZ is causing confusion with its approval of new second level domain

Its announcement today is confusing and is not in the best interest of Kiwis, internet users or in fact the Internet in New Zealand and I believe many others share our view.

Why would potential registrants want when they could have .kiwi?

Our opposition to InternetNZ’s confusing introduction of .kiwi.nzis well documented in repeated submissions we have made to them. Those submissions have been ignored. There will now be widespread confusion with the domain and the well-advertised forthcoming launch of the .kiwi domain.

We still await an explanation on how the creation of the domain is in the best interest of the Internet in New Zealand, when clearly there will be significant public confusion.

It is obvious and disappointing that the domain will cause and leverage the confusion between the more compelling, appealing and straight-forward .kiwi and the extended domain name.

Furthermore, it is contradictory to add further 2LDs* while simultaneously consider moving away from 2LDs and allowing registration directly in .nz. This will only add to the confusion between the two “Kiwis”.

We are hugely disappointed with the total lack of common sense in this decision to create

Internet users and Kiwis can register their interest for the easier and more domain at .


  • 2LD is a Second Level is a 2LD.
  • gTLD is a new generic Top Level Domain and .kiwi is one of these.