Premium Names

Having a .kiwi Premium Name is like owning the nicest house on the block, everyone who passes by will be sure to turn and look – the waterfront property of domain names.

The .kiwi Premium Names are some of the most valuable domains in our inventory. The value of these domains stems from their simplicity, memorability and popularity as a search term.

Each and every premium domain name has been valued independently using a variety of factors, including search engine analytics, geographical factors, and historical domain sales.

Each .kiwi Premium Name listed as available can be purchased on our website, or through one of our preferred partners in accordance with their framework (ie. certain providers may choose to auction popular .kiwi domain names). Each domain will be clearly labelled as available for sale immediately, or through a .kiwi preferred partner.

Not interested in purchasing a .kiwi Premium Name right now? Add domains to your Watchlist, and keep a close eye on special promotions as they come about.

Think you have a fantastic idea for a .kiwi Premium Name but aren’t comfortable with the price? We don’t want to hold you back from your fantastic idea, check for the “Submit a Proposal” button and share a glimpse of your idea with us. We want the best .kiwi domains to end up with the right people, and won’t let price stand in the way.

Premium Domain Listing

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