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Why .kiwi?

Choosing a .kiwi domain isn't just about selecting a web address—it's about embracing a digital identity that reflects the essence of being Kiwi. Whether you're a local business, a budding entrepreneur, or a proud individual, a .kiwi domain offers a unique opportunity to showcase your connection to New Zealand and stand out in the global marketplace.

With a .kiwi domain, you're not just another .com or .nz—you're part of a community that celebrates innovation, diversity, and creativity. Our domain extension is designed specifically for New Zealanders and those who wish to align themselves with the Kiwi spirit. It's a symbol of pride and authenticity that sets you apart from the crowd.

We recognise that the digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and businesses need innovative tools to stand out in an increasingly crowded online marketplace. Unlike traditional domain options that may require additional tags like "co" or "org," the .kiwi domain offers simplicity and directness. It's a fresh alternative to existing domain extensions, with high availability and endless possibilities for creative branding.

So why choose .kiwi?

Because it's more than just a domain—it's a statement of identity, a badge of honour, and a gateway to endless possibilities in the digital realm. Join us in embracing the spirit of Kiwi innovation and take your online presence to new heights with a .kiwi domain today.

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